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We help thousands in the military get loans and just like the Navy Army Credit Union, we specialize in helping those in the navy and military get the loan they need. Even those with bad credit or looking for no money down! The application is easy, so let's start that journey to auto loan freedom!

(all loan applications are processed through our parent,

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Questions Everyone Asks

Whether you are in the Navy, Army, or just a civilian, you may find yourself asking this question if you have bad credit: "Is there any possible way to get a car loan when you have bad credit?". We understand that if you have bad credit, no credit, or have gone through bankruptcy - you may have concerns like this. That's what we are hear for, to help those in the Navy and military get the financing they thought wasn't possible. Each and every month we help thousands of people get the financing they need! And it's because we have the answer to the questions your asking about getting a car loan:

The business of banking is financing and providing loans. When the economy is not doing well it places a certain amount of pressure on banks regarding the standards they use when financing military, Navy car loans. This opens opportunities for people with bad credit or even poor credit to get loans that may have been more difficult to obtain. Someone with horrible credit may not get the interest rate of those with better scores, but they are still likely to be approved, especially with our auto loan application process!

Bad Credit Won't Stop Us!

We have helped thousands like you in the Navy get car loan financing for buying the vehicle they were looking for.  We've been financing car loans since 1989 (online since 1999).  We "get" how to find the financing people with bad credit scores need for buying a car.  Our application is designed in such a way to help find a good union between your credit history and a bank or dealership to get a car loan.  Getting you approved with bad or poor credit is what we are the best at!  Let's get you going on your "no credit" financing!  All you need is a couple of minutes to work through our online secure application.  The next step is you being approved for the Navy car loan you are looking for!

Bankruptcy Has Never Stopped Us!

Bankruptcy is hard to go through, we can make it better!

No one dreams of declaring bankruptcy (ch. 11 or 13) - we know it's a difficult financial situation to experience.  But bankruptcy is not a financial dead end.  You can still get financing for a car loan.  We want to help you get the Naval auto car loan that meets your needs - bankruptcy or none!

We have done this thousands of times and are the experts in bankruptcy auto lending you are looking for.  We want to get you approved for the Navy car loan you are needing!

Customers Testimonials:

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Great Buying Experience

This was a great buying experience. Thank you very much for all of your hard work!

Definitely Use Again!

I was so happy with the way that I was treated. I'll definitely use your service again!


We had a rough time after I had to file for disability and our credit really took a hit. You treated us with respect and were nothing but honest and helpful! We don't need gifts. Meeting quality people like your staff was refreshing. Thanks again!

Lending Language Made Easy! 

If you have ever been to a bank or a Navy Army Credit Union, you would know that the language used for car loans and buying cars is not the easiest to understand.  We want to make buying a car in the Navy more understandable.  That's why we created this list of articles to help you get a better understanding of what lending terms mean.

We are the Best at What We Do! (our parent company) has been in the business of helping people in the Navy buy a car with bad credit since 1989 (we've been online since 1999).  It's our goal to help those in the Navy get approved for the car loan they need.  We are experienced and bring a wealth of knowledge to the table when trying to get approved for an auto loan with bad credit.  Work with the best and even potentially qualify for no money down loans.

Navy Loans - No Problem!

Our application is geared to specifically help those with bad credit in the Navy or not get approved for a loan. Bankruptcy? No problem! We've specialized in helping those with bad credit or no credit buy a car and get approved for a bad credit loan.

Simple Process to Buy a Car with Bad Credit!

You are exactly the person in the Navy we are looking to assist in getting a car loan, even with very bad credit or a history that is no good.  We've done it since the 1980's for thousands and we want to work to get you approved with bad credit too!  Here's how we do it:

We start by having you fill out our application online, it will get required infomation from you in order to begin the approval process (don't worry, all the information is transferred using 256 BIT secure encryption).

Once we recieve your bad credit loan application that you filled out online.  We work with our extensive network of banks, Navy & Army credit unions, car dealerships, and other financial institutions to match you with the bad credit auto loan that fits your financial profile.  

We have been in the auto lending business so long that we have relationships everywhere in the United States.  These car loans can even end up in a situation where you would have a no money down car loan!  All of this is thanks to our parent company and their huge relational network.  When you work with us, our team of professional loan specialists work for you to get you the Navy or Army credit loan you need!

Bankrupcty?  It's no problem for us!  We can get you approved for an auto loan no problem no matter what your credit history or bankruptcy.

*The information you provide is for the purpose of arranging vehicle financing, it is not used without your knowledge for other purposes.  See our privacy policy for more information.

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